Metaphor of Dismantlement and Nonresistance







 Metaphor of Dismantlement and Nonresistance




   Sponsored by:  Internet Gallery of Contemporary Art (

   Display Period: March 1st – May 15th, 1999

   Artists:              Lee, Seel-ku, Park Chul-ho

   Directed by:     Kim, Ok-real


Lee, Sheel-ku – Shattered Life, Overlapping self-scrutiny

Park, Chul-ho – Gesture of resistance and metaphor of nonresistance



Park, Chul-ho

박철호 <work-1> 1999   Charcoal on paper, 110 x 80 cm   박철호 <work-2> 1999  Charcoal on paper, 110 x 80 cm   박철호< work-3> 1999  Charcoal on paper, 110 x 80 cm   박철호<work-7> 1999  Lithograph, 38 x 56 cm


박철호 <work-8> 1999  Lithograph, 38 x 56 cm    박철호 <work-9> 1999   Lithograph, 38 x 56 cm  박철호 <work-10> 1999  Wax, 입체, 30 x 40 cm


박철호 <work-4> 1999  Drypoint, 28 x 38 cm  박철호 <work-5> 1999  Drypoint, 28 x 38 cm  박철호 <work-6> 1999  Drypoint, 28 x 38 cm




The Gestures of Resistance and the metaphor of Non-resistance


              written by Kim, Ok-real (Curator of Post Gallery)


The works of Park Chel-ho are powerful. His works have the power of silent resistance. He says "I don't take art as an unfolding of historical phenomena but as a process of evolution. And the changes of nature is the most important source out of which the life of art evolves." From his remarks, we can fine a clue to understand his works. He efforts to find the fundamental essence of life in ever changing and ever becoming nature at many removes from the reasoning for market of capitalism and the reproduction of images. He frequents the Upo swamp to seize the reality of life through the experience of earth, to escape the abstract ideas. In this exhibition, his new series of works bring up the problems about the identity of life.

In <work-1>, he seizes the serious crisis of Life. The composition of picture with charcoal suggests the serious crisis of life. The shape of bird has dual meanings; the one, the warning against the crisis of human life and the other, the resistance to the disruption of nature. <work-2> and <work-3> show that the crisis of bird's life is directly linked to the crisis of our lives. In <work-2>, the scratching technique with knife, which expresses the suffering of bird, achieves the expression of subtle inner voice.

<work-4>, expressed by the technique of dry point, gives the impression of coldness and dryness. The coldness and dryness figure the silent resistance, as more powerful resistance than any other resistance. In this work the silent warning against the crisis of environmental pollution is expressed in the metaphor of non- resistance. Moreover, the fixing shape of a falling bird figures the silent and still resistance, the resistance through non-resistance. Compared with the restrain of silent resistance in < work - 4>, the flexible line and movement of <work-5> and <work-6> strengthen the variety and vitality of works.

<work-7> and <work-8> suggests the crisis of the ecosystem using the lithographic technique. The birds that try flying for food on the dirty river and black earth visually outcry their pains. The artist, Park Cheul-ho, by the means of the metaphor of non-resistance, communicates the message that we, human being, can not survive on the earth where the birds can not survive.

Finally, <work-9> and <work-10> in which the artist attempts the plastic variations, lay great emphasis on the dynamic plasticity and ideological figures. Especially, <work-9> in which the crossing of black plane and white plane figures the complex duality of despair and hope, extends the significance of self-discovery to the insight of the life crisis and the perception of life.




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